A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies 2021

MUSAE aims to set up a Human-Centred Factory Model, based on the Design Future Art-driven (DFA) method, and integrate it in a (European) Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) network, to support companies in guiding strategic digital technology innovation and address future challenges in the food domain to improve people and planet wellbeing. MUSAE will establish a deep connection with the S+T+ARTS ecosystem, bringing together expertise in design, art, nutrition and wellbeing, and human-machine interaction. MUSAE will run 20 S+T+ARTS residencies involving 20 artists and 10 tech companies working with 3 main technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Robotics – to envision 10 future scenarios for technologies application and design 10 prototypes, thus opening up new markets and innovations. To validate replicability, MUSAE will set up and activate one Factory within the DIH partner and create the Factory Model Pack and the Label that will allow other DIHs to adopt it.

Duration: September 2022 – August 2025
Consortium: Politecnico di Milano (IT), Ab.Acus (IT), Universitat De Barcelona (ES), MADE (IT), PAL Robotics (ES), Gluon (BE), University College Dublin (IE), The University of Manchester (UK).
Management Contact Person:  Marita Canina,
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Two open calls will be launched to select project pilots that address the following topics:

  1. Personalizing food solutions for well-being
  2. Diet as improvement of physical and mental well-being
  3. Reduction of carbon footprint in eating habits

The first open call will select 10 artists and the second open call will select 10 research and technology institutions, companies, or SMEs who will create 10 final prototypes of domestic products within the topic of Food as Medicine.


The residencies are designed to help artists envision future scenarios related to the food domain to improve people’s and the planet’s well-being. Artists will collaborate with technology providers to develop new technological solutions that meet future humanity’s needs with a hum404/an-centered approach, opening up new markets and activities.