Facilitating artistic experimentation with cutting-edge technologies to innovate the future of food and improving human and planetary well-being represent crucial challenges that provide companies and organizations with real opportunities for growth and innovation, creating sustainable products and services.

MUSAE project will lead to a new People-Planet Centered Factory model based on the Design Futures Art-driven (DFA) method which – with the support of European Digital Innovation Hubs (E) DIHs – aims to strategically guide companies in facing and leading the Digital Transition.

Design Futures Art-driven method (DFA)

DFA Website

The DFA method will be open source and accessible through a dedicated webpage, empowering artists to navigate the method independently. The website will provide comprehensive access to all activities and supporting materials associated.

Artists can navigate the website through an interactive map that displays the DFA model.

The DFA website is designed around the main activities of the method:

  • Workshop Activities
  • Individual Activities
  • Assessment Meetings
  • Deliverables


The platform also includes four interactive maps that provide prompts to support artists in the use of AI as a co-creator throughout the process.

DFA Miro board

The DFA is complemented by a Miro board seamlessly integrated with the main DFA website, serving as a dedicated workspace for artists. Artists can use the DFA Miro board to gather their findings and showcase their progress to the companies engaged. This collaborative environment fosters creativity and enhances the synergy between artistic exploration and technological innovation.