Scenario 9: From Farm to Table in a Hyperconnected World: A Journey Through Macro to Micro Experiences


There are opportunities for companies working in different areas, ranging from technology providers to food industries, education to nutrition, agriculture to artificial food. For example, robotics may further support agriculture through a novel immersive approach and remote sensing, and AI may feed new ways to support nutrition choices and education. The approach needs to be holistic to push a smooth integration of the natural and digital worlds.


  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Edible Technology
  • Gamification
  • Education



From Farm to Table in a Hyperconnected World explores a dynamic journey through three interconnected scenarios that traverse the realms of macro-to-micro experiences within the contemporary food landscape. Rooted in a complete food chain, the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of AI technologies, robotics, and immersive technologies. These innovations enable real-time monitoring and adaptive processes throughout the entire agricultural and culinary continuum.
The overarching scenario envisions an innovative hybrid encompassing traditional agriculture, agroforestry, and lab-grown food products. This symbiosis is powered by a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, IoT, robotics, and remote sensing. The integration of these technologies is humanized through communal experiences enriched by immersive art and gamification, ensuring data transparency and compliance with AI ethical standards.
As the scenarios transition from macro to mezzo and micro levels, novel features emerge, such as edible electronics and soft robotics. A distinctive highlight is the introduction of personalized augmented sensory dining experiences intricately woven with personal data. This approach not only allows for the incorporation of the individual into the culinary process but also addresses the complexities of data ownership in a hyperconnected, post-globalized world characterized by both centralized and decentralized influences, impacting every facet of our in-real-life (IRL) and online (URL) existence.
In this narrative, the coexistence of natural and digital ecologies is paramount, presenting a holistic vision where technology and nature seamlessly intertwine to shape the future of our food experiences.

Scenario developed by Frederik de Wilde


Trend 1


The anticipated CHATGPT moment for robotics is nigh

Trend 3

Interspecies communication and AI

Advances in AI make interspecies communication more-than-fiction. E.g. it could create a new ecology of sustainable competition (attract natural predators ad hoc to solve a pest, etc.)

Trend 5

Big Data and Hidden Patterns

Big data acquisition in real time might reveal hidden patterns that help us and non-human agents to make better predictions or hic et nunc decisions, in a decentralised networked ecosystem with a holistic perspective.

Trend 7

Gamified Innovations

From Forks to Fun: Gamified Innovations Reshaping the Culinary World

Trend 2

Robotic Manipulation

Hybrid hierarchical learning for solving complex sequential tasks using the robotic manipulation network ROMAN.

Trend 4

IoT and Data-Driven Agriculture

IoT and data-driven agriculture robots with remote sensing, and on fairness trained optimisation algoritmes, could potentially usher us into a new era of renewed co-existence.

Trend 6


Gamification is rewarding and powerful tool for empowering individuals and communities. Community building.

Trend 8


Scarecrow of the future – Akita Prefectural University develops a robot to drive away wildlife from crops



The world has a rich nouveau EcoTechno mythology, with agrotech deities representing various aspects of nature. There are tales of a mythical agroforest techno creature, the “CyberCrows,” believed to protect the delicate balance between technology and nature. Folklore warns of the consequences of upsetting this balance. The EcoTechno mythology serves not only as a source of inspiration but also as a cautionary guide.

Language and Customs:

In this eco-centric complex technological society, new languages have evolved that places emphasis on ecological terms and sustainable outdoor and indoor practices. People use phrases like “Earth-tongue”, “Lab-tongue” or “AI-tongue” to describe their language. Common phrases like “harvesting knowledge” or “seeding ideas” become part of everyday conversation, deepening the cultural bond with the environment. Customs revolve around nature-centric AI-infused celebrations and robotic chef rituals, with ceremonies dedicated to seasonal changes, crop cycles, and biodiversity. An annual event called the “Harmony Festival” symbolizes the interconnectedness of humanity, technology and the natural environment.

Political Structure:

The political structure is mainly decentralized (but crossover with centralised systems still exist) with local councils empowered to make decisions that align with the broader global policies. These councils consist of representatives from diverse backgrounds, including ecologists, community leaders, and sustainability experts. A global governing body, the “EcoTechno-Council,” oversees the implementation of the transformative policies. The council is elected through a unique process that involves not only human representatives but also AIs and representatives chosen by nature, including animals and plants. The EcoTechno-Council’s unique composition reinforces the idea that nature itself and AI has a voice in global governance.

Technological Advancements:

The world is dotted with advanced interconnected agroforestry hubs where cutting-edge technologies support sustainable agriculture. Drones equipped with AI analyze soil health, and nanobots enhance plant growth by delivering precisely tailored nutrients. The integration of biotechnology and artificial intelligence has led to the creation of “EcoTech-AIs.” These are sentient AI systems designed to work symbiotically with nature.


The society adheres to a holistic EcoTechno-philosophy that views the planet as a living entity. Concepts like “GAIa Harmony” (Earth and AI) are central, emphasizing the need for balance and reciprocity in human interactions with the environment. Educational institutions prioritize ecological studies, and children are taught from an early age about their role as stewards of the planet.

Cultural Shifts:

The “🌱 Manifesto for Un-Stuffing 🌱” is not just a document but a cultural movement. People engage in practices like minimalism, upcycling, and communal living. The manifesto encourages a reevaluation of personal values and emphasizes experiences over possessions. It becomes a catalyst for the narrative, as characters grapple with the societal expectations of minimalism while facing the disruptions caused by the AI. Digital detox retreats are popular, where individuals disconnect from technology to reconnect with nature. These retreats are seen as essential for mental well-being.

Ecological Events:

The “Ecocide Trials” are global events where corporations and individuals are held accountable for actions detrimental to the environment. These trials are broadcasted worldwide, emphasizing transparency and justice in ecological matters. Periodic “Regeneration Days” involve global efforts to plant trees, restore ecosystems, and engage in activities that promote the regrowth of natural habitats. Regeneration Days become also society’s collective efforts to repair and restore the environment after the disruptions caused by the rogue AI.


The atmosphere is characterized by clean air with local pollution -remnants of the past-, and vibrant greenery, even in urban areas. Vertical gardens and green roofs are common architectural features.The global commitment to sustainability has led to a significant reduction in pollution, resulting in the reappearance of wildlife in unexpected places.


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