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List of Publications

Beyond Boundaries: Art-Tech Collaboration Driving Future-Oriented Innovation

Authors: Eva Monestier, Tatiana Efremenko, Maria Ida Fiore, and Marita Canina.

(Upcoming) Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 125, 2024, 1–10

MUSAE: fusion of art and technology to address challenges in food and health

Authors: Aoife O’Gorman, Lauryn, McMahon, Tatiana Efremenko, Marita Canina, Petia Ivanova Redava, Eloi Puig, Angelo Cangelosi, Francesco Ferro, Francesco Dellino, Ramona Van Gansbeke, Maria Bulgheroni, Kosta Jovanovic, Lorraine Brennan

(Upcoming) Nutrition Bulletin

ARTICLE: Design Futures Art-Driven Methodology: Shaping the Future of Innovation

August 2023

Read our article about merging Design Futures and Art Thinking approaches for responsible, sustainable, and future-proof innovation.