First Art-Tech Residency

12 Future Scenarios – Food as Medicine

By Chloe Rutzerveld
Soil Skinships
By Lisa Mandemaker
Food Beyond Food
By Eleonora Ortolani
Bio-Intelligent Data
By Sanja Sikoparija
One Health Alliances
By Nonhuman Nonsense
Holobiont Gardens
By Baum & Leahy
What the World Eats
By Peter Andersen
By Genomic Gastronomy
From Farm to Table in a H.W.
By Frederik de Wilde
The Cooking Ape Institute
By Maciej Chmara
By Katarina Andjelkovic
Poetry of Nutrition
By Irena Djukanovic


The First Art-Tech residency lasted from September 2023 until April 2024, where 12 artists followed the Design Futures Art-driven method to create future scenarios on different topics of Food as Medicine, as well as artworks to represent their scenarios.

The residency was carried out based on different phases – Training, Building and Artwork Production.

During the Training phase, artists learned how to transform their visions of the future into scenarios, receiving tools and best practices from the DFA method. The artists then fully immersed themselves in selected themes and technologies. During this second part of the training, participants deepened their understanding of the topic (Food as medicine) and explored their topics in connection with the technologies (robotics, artificial intelligence, and wearables).

During the Building phase, artists applied the DFA method and tools to explore their topics and eventually develop future scenarios. During this period, mentoring sessions were

carried out every bi-weekly. Furthermore, the relevance of the developing scenarios was

carried out during the Assessment meetings with consortium partners, by assessing the potential of the transferability of the scenario to further concept and potentially to prototype production in the next Residency Program. At the end of this period, the artists presented a future scenario that was based on their initial vision.

During the Artwork production phase, artists continued to work on their future scenarios by producing artworks to represent the scenarios and showcasing them in the exhibition. The goal of this phase is to offer the artists the possibility to materialize the scenarios using different artistic formats and make the ideas tangible.